Get our healthy chicks from one day old to 2months old.

We also offer vaccinations depending on the age of the chicks.


  • Day old chicks Ksh 40-55
  • 1 week old chicks Ksh 65-75
  • 2 week old chicks Ksh 95-110
  • 3 week old chicks Ksh 125-135 
  • 1 month old chicks Ksh 145-160
  • 2 month old chicks Ksh 280


We sell high-quality chicken that have been under great care. Our bestseller is the Kuroiler chicks, but we also offer other breeds upon request.


  • 3 month old chickens Ksh 449
  • Mature hens Ksh 590 – 799
  • Mature cocks Ksh 900 – 1299
  • Ex layers Ksh 399 – 500


Brooder House

Brooder house is a heated enclosure to provide shelter for young livestock and poultry. Chick brooders are typically coffee husks framed, wood-framed, wood-floored, movable structures heated by electric or oil-fired stoves and built on skids.

A brooder should be prepared 2 hours before the arrival of the chicks with heat and water provided in because chicks need to take water for 30 minutes before feed to avoid constipation and we also advise farmers to use keprocycl for the first 5 days of the brooder because keprocycl contains all the vitamins and multivitamin and antibiotic like oxytetracyline and many more.